Ripple wants to become more ‘decentralized’ than Bitcoin

Alin Sabo Blockchain


So i was reading today an article in cryptocoinsnews that unveils Ripple plans to “fix” Bitcoin.
Mmm where should i start…

Ripple a super-centralised company that loves and is loved by the banking systems, now wants to ‘fix’ or ‘improve’ Bitcoin..does that ring any bell?

Maybe bankers come up with this idea: “hey this is the way to get in, and steal the show..we come up with something that is disguised as a better version of Bitcoin and .. done people will use our ‘decentralised’ system that we control and regulate, brilliant right?”

I know many people want to profit out of ripple (XRP) surging price but be careful that is a game you can never win long term. Just like playing in a casino everyday.You might win short term but if you play long enough the house always wins.

Bitcoin is not to be beaten it is to be supported. Let’s make something very clear: there is only one category of people at this moment on the entire planet that wants to “beat” Bitcoin in anything and those are the ones in power(banks and governments) because Bitcoin directly undermines their authority. The same authority they have been using for centuries agains the common good.

But they disguise their ‘investments’ with statements such as “we want to make it better”. But they ‘do’ that by building a system that just looks like Bitcoin but ultimately is under their approval/regulation/supervision.. control.

Say you have 2 glasses of lemonade(that were put there by two different people): one contains poisoned lemonade and the other one is just common lemonade. They are both sweet and taste the same, the only difference is that one will kill you the other one won’t.
How do you know which is which?
Find out who poured the lemonade in each glass!
The truth is not in their words but in their actions, not in what they say but in what they do and did.

Here is a thing:
If you like what the corrupted banks and the governments are doing around the world on a massive scale by all means support their ‘solutions’ but if you don’t… DON’T.
The money, your money, will ultimately end up in their pockets years later through careful engineered financial systems that you were not educated about in school but which they master and perfect for centuries.

The problem, is the corrupted system and the global corruption amongst people in power not Bitcoin.

Bitcoin is the only solution and it does not need to be ‘fixed’ nor ‘beaten’.
We need Bitcoin and Bitcoin needs us.