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Few days ago i was stuck(or not) about something i did not really understood and decided to open a stackoverflow question and get some help
I posted the question and waited.

After few hours i realized i can not just wait, how about if i continue to research and try to figure it on my own.
And i did.

That got me thinking hmm.. i kinda’ rush into that one.
So what happened?

It seemed like i do not need to figure it out on my own because help was available but as i realized help might take more then expected and i could do something about it my view on the matter shifted. Why wait when i can help?

Of course not always you can figure it out all on your own, but how do you know when to ask and when to keep digging?

For me it feel like asking for help should take place just before you drown but many get scared way before that point.

Lesson 2:
Ask for help ONLY when there is nothing more you could do/try

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