Investing in cryptocurrency

Alin Sabo Trading

1.Educate yourself(get some trading courses before you start trading). Believe me if you start the other way sooner or later you will pay for some very very expensive lessons and then a $300-$500 trading course won’t seem that expensive

2.Invest in companies that you truly truly want to succeed because you want their vision to come true.
I see so many people investing in what is hot but never take the time to research what they invest in.
As a good idea too keep in mind: don’t feed the ones that will come byte you later, don’t give your energy to projects that do not have something valuable to offer and last but not last, make sure that you think things in perspective

3.Learn to appreciate the money that you make so easy just because you were lucky to be born now
I look at it a gift that life gave to me and i decided to use it wisely, make sure you appreciate the opportunity

4.Be nice to others.
I do not where we started to forget that we are all in this together and all that is happening is for the greater good.
The gold rush tends to make people go nuts, that is why a bit of perspective would help

5.Develop skills around this technology and that will serve your need for safety . We do not know how much things will continue this way but what is for sure is that we need to build ourselves too not just our portfolio