I decided to learn computer programming (AGAIN) for the 4th time in 10 years

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So the first time i decided to learn how to code was in 2008-2009ish.

I was working with a friend of mine on building a website for quite some time, he was doing the programming and coding part i was doing the rest.
Things were moving slow and at one point it suddenly hit me: hey i should learn how to code! yeah! That would be awesome.

So i go to my friend and present my idea to him hew agrees and we start to discuss what or how we should go about it.
He offers some advice and then points me to some online resources where i could learn more.
I do that for a week and then i try to take my first challenge , confidently i go to him and say:

“Let me try to build this part of the website!”.

He agrees and then i take the keyboard and start staring at it.
I stared so much that the computer went into sleep mode(15 minutes limit)
All the tutorial all the knowledge all the courses have gone, no one was about to help me.. wtf?

“Hey”, i ask him “and.. how exactly should i start?” i ask obviously confused
“Well, what do you need to do?”
“I… need to build this section”
“And..? what would you need for that?”
“Aha.. i see what you are doing you make me think god damn it!
ok give me some more time , i need to think about this!”

After extra minutes i come with some half logical answers and then he completes my faulted logic with some expert advice.
All good i know what i have to do i start but i stop after the first line of code
“…And.. how exactly do i connect to the database?”
Again i get my answer and continue asking my friend after every line of code
Yea it was that bad… but was it?

You see after i finish that section(the easiest part to do in the entire project) i have spend 1 full day partially asking and partially implementing the advice but looking tense at the keyboard for the most part

My friend on the other side did not got much time to code on the rest of the features so after few days of me asking and him helping/sending me to research he says:

“Hey look i was thinking.. it takes me more time guide you through a solution then it would take for me to actually implement it.”
“Yeah you are right maybe i should stick to my part..”

And then i quit learning

Almost 10 years have passed and although i always had great ideas(some would say) i never was able to actually implement any of them spending most of my time frustrated and always having to pay others
I knew even back then .. wow if i start now in 5 years i will be able to.. still i forgot that the whole point was to get good at it and not quit.. Baaad baad decision

I did attempted the same on 2 other separate occasions 2 and 3 years years ago, this time alone no guidance and boy that was even harder.
Ended up quitting just like the first time because “it would be faster to pay somebody else”

Well on my birthday this year i gave myself the best present i could and decided to have another go at it.
This time i will document it and write about good/great resources i find along the line and lessons that might help you if you are trying too.

Lesson learned don’t quit even if things look to go very very slow!

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